Generated SQl-Query using joins and default_scope

Hi there.
I hope someone can help me and give a tipp how to solve this issue.

I have three models, which you can see below (I pasted only the necessary

class User
  has_many :attachments

class Folder
  has_many :attachments

class Attachment
  belongs_to :folder
  belongs_to :user
  scope :valid, lambda { where("attachments.expires_at IS NULL or
attachments.expires_at >= ?", }

I wonder if it is confused by the fact that you have explicitly put
"attachments" in the where clause. Does it make a difference if you
put where("expires_at IS NULL or expires_at >= ?",

You have not told us which version of Rails you are using.


Hi Colin,
Thank you for your reply. Sorry that I forgot to mention the versions I’m using:
My Ruby version is “ruby 1.9.3p194 (2012-04-20 revision 35410) [x86_64-linux]” (installed via rvm) and I’m using Rails v3.2.8.
However, I found the problem.
I tried to test out if something changes if I delete the explicit mention of “attachments.” - but got the exactly same result (I mean the generated sql).
Because this cannot be true I take a look again and again at my models and found that I used
:conditions => lambda { |y|
“attachments.expires_at IS NULL or attachments.expires_at >= ‘#{}’”

in my Folder model.
Adding brackets to this statement fixes my issue.

I really need to find another way to sort out expired-but-not-yet-deleted attachments… those many scopes and conditions are not really a nice way to go :confused:
But to run every minute a rake task to delete expired attachments is a little bit too ressource-consuming, isn’t it?

But, thanks for your help and time.