Generate Report

Hello guys, I’m 100% newbie in RoR. I have a question, how can I generate report in RoR like crystal report?

that’s a nice broad question - so I’ll give you a broad answer (the very MVP with lots of room for optimization)


(and I’ve probably left one or two BIG mistakes - and my apologies for that)


—— here goes:

if you by report mean a list of, say accounts, each listing eg. transactions like this

  sales inland
    q1 - transactions
      1/1/15 burning red 1,500.00
      1/3/15 smoothers 252.75
    q2 - transactions
      4/21/15 broke back 975.00

I’d make myself a report action in the accounts controller (like /accounts/report) or use the :index action and supply an argument when you call it (like /accounts?report=true) or construct a special ‘decorator’-kind of controller (like ReportsController) and call it like /reports?accounts=true

Your controller (let’s stick with the ReportsController for now)

  def accounts
    @collection = Account.all.includes :transactions

Add a route in routes.rb

  ressources :reports do
    collection do
      get :accounts

In your views (ie app/views/reports) I would build the report in account.html.haml

      %th t(‘report.account.quarter')
      %th= t(‘report.account.transaction’)
    = @collection.each do |account|
      = render partial: ‘account’, locals: { account: account }

Each account gets built in app/views/accounts/_accoount.html.haml

  %td= account.title

- quarter = 1
- account.transactions.sort(:transaction_date) do |transaction|
  - q = find_quarter(transaction)
  - if q > quarter
    - quarter = q
      %td.quarter= “q%s - transactions” % say_quarter transaction
    %td.transaction-date= transaction.transaction_date
    %td.transaction-text= transaction.description
    - if transaction.amount < 0
      %td.transaction-amount= transaction.amount
    - else
      %td{ colspan: ‘2’}.transaction-amount= transaction.amount

Then you could order it with

  = link_to t(‘report.on-accounts’), “#!”, data: { url: "<on of the url’s listed above>”}, class: “report”

And in the bottom of your index.html.haml (or what ever your page with the above link is) you’d put


  $ ->
    $(document.body).on ‘click’, ‘.report’, (e) ->
      elem = $(e.currentTarget)‘url’)

Hey Rodney,

I’ve been using RoR for a couple months (still quite green). You should look for a gem to do what you’re looking for, start looking at


A common solution is generating the report in HTML and converting it to PDF with these gems:

+1 on this! I’ve used Wicked and it worked out really well. I’ve also used prawn to generate PDF reports as well but I sort of lean towards WickedPDF.