generate database from xml file

hello All

I recently downloaded a sample RoR project and tried to execute rake
db:migrate. only one table got created. but i noticed one xml file in
db folder.

it has whole database structure. i mean tables, data and all that. but
i dont know how to convert that xml file into mysql database.

following is the sample code from that file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<clay-model clay-version="1.2.0">
<database-model alias="" author="" begin-script="" end-script=""
name="sansplans_simple" remarks="" sql-dialect-
<schema alias="" name="DEFAULT_SCHEMA" remarks="">
<table alias="" name="users" remarks="">
<table-figure-bounds height="-1" width="-1" x="283" y="32"/>
<column alias="" auto-increment="true" column-size="11" decimal-
digits="0" default-value="" mandatory="true" name="id" remarks="">
<data-type jdbc-type="4" name="INT" selected-variant-

please advice