gem question on hosted service


This may be a gem question (not rails) but I feel sure someone else on this list has seen this issue go by. I use a hosting service that has ROR available, but I am among the few developers using it. I am developing on a local linux box, and have been very careful to NOT use any extra gems because I might have a problem with my provider.

Well ... fastercsv rocks and I wanted to use it.

My provider has a method for me to install a gem, and I did so with their interface (Fansastico).

My issue: require 'fastercsv' does not work, and I think it's because they put gems in a place where ruby/rails can't seem to find them. This is the message given when I look at my installed gems:

Using Your Ruby Gem(s)

You will need to add /home/user1/ruby/gems to the include path. You can do this by adding the following code to your script:


I have placed this code in the environment.rb file, and in a couple of other locations that I thought might help with no success.

Is there a way to require a gem from a strange location, or do I need to add something to my path or environment variables to help ruby figure out where these are stored?

Any help is much appreciated .....


Things I tried:

ENV['GEM_PATH'] ||= '/home/user1/ruby/gems'


config.load_paths += %W( /home/user1/ruby/gems/gems )


$:.push("/home/user1/ruby/gems") require 'fastercsv'

(all these result in rails failing to start)

Things I tried:

ENV['GEM_PATH'] ||= '/home/salgba/ruby/gems'

Something along the lines of this one feels like the right thing. What
happens when you do this?


Tried it, still doesn't make a difference. I guess I can attempt support at my hosting company, but I think I am one of a few customers using rails, so I may be back here soon.

Thanks for your help !!