Gem Plugins Redux


djanowski and I have been chewing on gem plugins for the last few
days. I've opened a ticket that allows RubyGems to act as Rails
plugins: all they need to do is have a "rails/init.rb" file. I'd
appreciate testing, comments, and anything else you might care to
throw my way. Thanks!

~ j.

I consolidated some of the code I could find and threw it into

To install:
   script/plugin install
   mkdir vendor/gems

To install a gem:
    cd vendor/gems
    gem1.8 fetch hobosupport
    gem1.8 unpack hobosupport-0.2.gem
    rm hobosupport-0.2.gem

Right now I'm getting crushed under a deadline so I haven't had a
chance to continue working on it. Maybe soon?

What I'd like to do next:

   script/gem install hobosupport
   script/gem remove hobosupport
       (should not be too hard)

   script/gem install hpricot
       (this involves native compilation; binaries would probably end
up in tmp/gems/hobosupport-0.7 or something)

And then I think it would be ready to go.

Any comments welcome! And if anyone in interested in contributing,
I'm happy to add more developers to the Rubyforge project.

    - Scott