Gem path problems w/ Passenger+Apache2

Anyone else having a dickens of a time getting Passenger+Apache2 to recognize the gem path?

Many things that work well w/ webbrick just don’t work at all with P+A - require fails.

Here are my versions:

gem 1.3.3 (from source, partly in attempt to get this working…) Rails 2.3.2 Jaunty Jackalope (32-bit) passenger 2.2.2 Apache 2.2.11



Can you provide some additional details about the platform you’re using and the actual error message?


Platform - Ubuntu, 32-bit on EC2, jaunty jackalope

On line that says "require ‘cloud_cache’ " it says file not found.

Note that in order to get "require ‘simple_record’ " to load properly I had to chown www-data:www-data on its files. I did the same on “cloud_cache” files but no joy.

Again, all work perfectly well under webbrick.



Are you using passenger's ruby? Seems I remember reading that if you
are you need to install gems via both the system-ruby and the
passenger-ruby as they end up in different spots and passenger-ruby
only looks for them in it's own directory heirarchy.


Check if you have forgotten to "symlink" the ruby executables? You have to do that regardless of whether you are using Ruby Enterprise or MRI. See the following article by Peter Cooper. I am using Ruby Enterprise so I sylinked accordingly.

If you follow everything step-by-step, it should work. Generally, it is a missed step somewhere that creates such problems.