Gem Packaging Basics:


I've found myself rewriting the same basic template of a rails app
over and over again... I install Devise, make a Member's area and an
Admin area a few basic css files, routes, and javascripts. Since I
keep repeating myself over and over I thought this would be a good
opportunity to learn about packaging code in Rails.

I've looked into Gems and Plugins and settled on Gems because of its
dependency management ( My Gem will use Devise ). I followed the rails
cast about using Bundler to create a Gem here =>, and I'm able
to create a Gem and access the module and a class method in Rails
console, but I'm interested in knowing how to package what is
essentially a basic rails app. I need the controllers/models/views/
routes/css/javascripts all in one. Is this do-able?

I find this a bit confusing since Gems are not necessarily Rails