Gem or Plug-in to implement PayPal Adaptive Payment : Send money API

Hi All,

I was searching for the gem which is supporting PayPal's almost API. Then I found ActiveMerchant.

Our project payment flow is,

Scenario 1: User will send payment to admin user (there two kind of users one is regular and admin user). User will be act as sender and admin user will be act as receiver always. Scenario 2: In above scenario, for each user payment, website administrator needs to get transaction fees. Scenario 3: When the site administrator receives payment from user, he needs to pay remaining (after deducting the transaction fees) amount to admin user. Scenario 4: User payment should be availed both credit card payment and PayPal (Express Checkout).

PayPal Adaptive payment is very much suitable for our scenaio’s except scenario 4. Problem is Adaptive Payment doesn't support credit card payments.

Then we decided to use PayPal Website Payments Pro and Adaptive Payment (send money) together for this flow gets done.

We have implemented the PWPP using ActiveMerchant. I need to implement the Adaptive payment to send remaining payment to admin user.

Please suggest better gem for this adaptive payment,

I have gone through some of the gems, such as

1) ActiveMerchant is not supported for PayPal Adaptive Payments. 2) PayPal_adaptive which is in very lower version of 0.0.5. Which leads me through to don’t choose non-stable gems or plugins. 3) Adaptive_pay –v=0.1.1

Can you please suggest me if there is any other gem to look around or which is best to use adaptive payment in listed above gems?

Thanks in Advance, Sathish Kumar S