Gem Load Error

Hi group,

I’m new here, and, after search and search on Bing (trollface),

I decided to ask the group, I’m having this problem

            `to_specs': Could not find railties (>= 0) amongst [bundler-1.0.21, bundler-1.0.21, rake-, rake-0.9.2] (Gem::LoadError)

Every time on i make “rails s” or “rails new”,

This occurred after I updated to Ruby 1.9.2,

Anyone know how i fix it?


What does

$ gem list

show ?

What happens when you try

$ bundle install



good day try gem update then bundle install bundle update

Actually, I see a similar problem on a directory where I have installed

$ rails new --edge

inside a gemset. What I have to do there is always use bundle exec

like this:

$ bundle exec rails console $ bundle exec rails generate …

For reference, this is the set-up described here