gem and pluggin

    This is a general question.What is the differnece between these
?Why I am asking such a question is i am using will_paginate
pluggin..Now it is available as gem..So is there any performance
(stability and speed of execution) difference?

plugins are rails specific, gems are a general ruby way of
distributing code. gems have the advantage of already having a lot of
stuff in place for dependencies versionning etc...
rails does some special things to plugins, eg loading them at a well
defined point in the boot process, evaling init.rb etc... (rails 2.1
will load plugins from gems too).


My problem is that I waffle back -n- forth over what is best.
Sometimes I think gems because they are the ruby way, and are so well
supported (as Fred said). Othertimes I think: plugins so I can have
all the project code in the project. But then the projects get huge.
And sometimes updating a plugin isn't as straightforward. And the
plugin management keeps change (used to by SVN, now it's all GIT...
what's next?).

So I dunno. I like that with a plugin you don't have to add any code
(no "require" line), but then again, it's only one line.

Hmmm... conundrum


   Thanks for the reply