Funky RJS error - Live Search

Everything works like I want it to, except I get this weird error text
that is inserted into the page (but not the html). Here is my

def search
    if request.xhr?
      if params[:search_text].strip.length > 0
        terms = params[:search_text]
        @results = User.find(
          :conditions => [ 'LOWER(first_name) LIKE ? OR
LOWER(last_name) LIKE ?',
           "%#{terms.downcase}%", "%#{terms.downcase}%" ],
          :limit => 10)
        render :update do |page|
          page[:results].replace_html :partial => "search"
      elsif params[:search_text].strip.length == 0
        render :update do |page|
      redirect_to users_path

Here is the error:
try { $("recent").show(); } catch (e) { alert('RJS error:\n\n' +
e.toString()); alert('$(\"recent\").show();'); throw e }

I'm guessing I'm screwing up the rjs code. When the live search input
field is in use, I want to hide the 'recent' div. When it is Not in
use, I want to show the 'recent' div. The error text ends up above the
'recent' div. Am I doing this the wrong way?