Front End For Social Media Site

Hello, fellow Rails aficionados!

I’ve come to a point in which I’m reasonably skilled at building information systems in Rails. I’ve added Hotwire and Stimulus skills to my toolset as well. However, I’ve never had an eye for things like front end design. Front end design touches on the artistic and creative, and my forte is more like coding.

So I’ve decided to purchase a front end Bootstrap theme as, admittedly, a kind of crutch so that I can get going to launch this little social networking app of mine. I was thinking of purchasing the following.

Before I pull the trigger on spending money though, does anyone have any input for me? Like, is there a better theme you can think of a for a social media type of site? Or is there some kind of alternative I haven’t thought of? Or maybe some roadblocks I haven’t thought of? Feedback and constructive commentary on my thought process is welcome!

Thanks, fellows.

Have you seen the bootstrap themes site or tailwind-ui?

Maybe you can get something from these pages :slight_smile:

I like tailwind a little more than bootstrap :slightly_smiling_face:

I have not tried out but out of the box there is a lot stuff out of the box, maybe that will help?