From RPC to REST, quick design decision, need help


Our app currently has an admin/logins/login_by_admin action. It basically allows the admin to login as a regular user of the system from the list of users in the backend. However, it clutters the logins controller. I was thinking on ways to clean up this design and make it more RESTful. One approach is to use the action with an additional param (like from_admin = true). The other option is to turn login_by_admin into it’s own resource and put the logic into its new method. What do you think?



Why isn`t admin just a role for a user instead of a completely different "kind" of user?

If they were both the same, you woudn`t have any duplication at all and woudn`t need any special case logic. If you can't do this, it's better to have a separate resource to login admins, having a special user clause at the main user's login controller isn`t great either.