From IBM (regarding - RadRails)

I feel like a rule based forwarding engine :smiley: but anyway, here's an article on IBM Developer Works on how to "Make Ruby on Rails easy with RadRails and Eclipse"



  Suppose a chatroom application, a RailsApp + 2 backgroundrbs (
MiddleMan1& MiddleMan2, running in 2 machines ) .

  When Chater1 login, RailsApp call MiddleMan1 to get something about
Chater1 from db to memory, like his contacts or other personal settings.

  When Chater2 login, RailsApp call MiddleMan2 do the same thing.

  But who is reponsible for the Global Data? like a Online Chaters List, or
Active Chat Room List ?

  I think, for the MiddleMan1 & MiddleMan2 located in different machines,
global data should not be there.

  So global data in RailsApp as Global Variables? But how about RailsApp
also running in 2+ servers ?

  It seems the possible ways to store global data is db or network file
system ?

  Hope for suggestions, thanks.