Freelance Senior Developer available ( Full Stack )

Hey all,

I’m a developer in the New York Area that has been working with Ruby on Rails, CSS, and JavaScript for almost 9 years. I’ve designed APIs, simplified data access patterns, and written large interactive front-end components. At this point, I’m pretty comfortable with almost any part of a web application, be it front, back, or middle.

Recently I built an e-commerce site with a super small team from near-scratch. We ended up using Braintree as our payment processor. You can see it here:

A lot of my recent experience has been in Angular 1.x and Rails 4, but I have used Backbone extensively before and am familiar with React and Ember.js.

I’ve worked at startups and clients in the green industry space ( besides trying my hand at my own ), and I’ve also had a little stint in the advertising industry. I greatly prefer agile environments, but I have worked my share of “waterfall” in the past.

I am looking for part-time or flexible contract work right now. Ideally I would like to work 20-25 hours a week, as I am trying to finish development on a Unity game, and that is starting to take up larger and larger chunks of time. I have to say as an aside that C# has made me a big fan of static typing and interfaces.

However, I would also consider remote full time work if it was on a very flexible schedule, particularly if I did not have to be available during every day of the work week.

Here’s my resume!

I can do in-office if you are in NYC. Otherwise, I am not looking to relocate or commute. Direct offers only please. I am not interested in hearing from recruiters at this time.