forms help.

Ok, so in the middle of learning Ruby, things jumped to 2.0.2 and now
i'm having to relearn. I can't find any answers on this.

in new.rhtml.erb I have the following code:

<%= error_messages_for :failure %>

<% form_for(@failure) do |f| %>
<%= render :partial => "form", :locals => { :f => f, :button =>
"Create" } %>
<% end %>

Is that a typo? It should be _form.html.erb

Yes, its a typo, sorry, I have it named _form.rhtml.erb

Okay, so directory is it in, and what's the controller?

its in the directory of:


and the controller is


Hmm, that all sounds right to me. I'd suggest checking permissions on
the file, but since I see you're on Windows, I'm not sure that makes
sense either.

Yes, its a typo, sorry, I have it named _form.rhtml.erb

That's still wrong. _form.html.erb is what it should be


Good catch Fred, I'd assumed he was saying that it was named as I'd suggested.

I am so sorry. That fixed it. When you said typo, I checked my
original post and was missing the e in *erb. Renaming it to
_form.html.erb completely fixed it.

Thank you all.