Form Tags

form_tag now takes block and the </form> tag is implicit

    <% form_tag :controller => "customer",
                  :action => "login" do |form| %>
      <p>User name: <%= text_field "customer", "nick" %></p>
      <p>Password: <%= password_field "customer", "password" %></p>
      <p><input type="Submit", value="Log in"/></p>
    <% end %>

Note that the form_tag is in <% %> rather than <%= %>
The <% end %> is for the block that is started by the 'do'.

It also looks like you may have a Customer model and if that is the case, then you probably want something like (assuming you have tucked it into an instance variable with '@customer =' in your controller):

    <% form_for @customer, :url => { :controller => "customer",
                             :action => "login" } do |form| %>
      <p><%= form.label :nick, "User name:" %>
         <%= form.text_field :nick %></p>
      <p><%= form.label :password, "Password:" %>
         <%= form.password_field :password %></p>
      <p><%= submit_tag "Log in" %></p>
    <% end %>


Rob Biedenharn