Form POST method does not work!

Hello folks,

In one of my forms, I have a wired problem, it does not post the form
data to the rails from what I see in log file. It works locally but
not after deployment to the server.
All of other forms work but not this one.

Here is my form code:
<% form_for(@book) do |f| %>

which generate

<form action="/books" class="new_book" id="new_book" method="post">

I'm using jqurey validation for this form but it does not change form
method. I don't see any js error nor ralis error. But when I sumbit
the form in log file I see:
Processing JobsController#index [GET] Parameters: {"action"=>"index",

Any clue?

Thanks in advance,
- Dunnil

Are you using FastCGI? fcgi doesn't agree so much with the url.

No, it's on mongrel.

My bad, it was on FastCGI. It works now!