Form helper for an array?


I'm looking for a form helper to create text_fields to populate an array parameter to the object the form describes.

More to the point: I'm trying to write a doodle plugin for redmine, and I have a form_for the doodle object calling the form partial gisted under . Amongst other attributes for the doodle object, there is the options[] array. The form works like a charm, and I am able to create new doodles without a problem, but if I have a validation error or use this form for an edit, everything but the option fields will be populated correctly. I'm aware that that is due to the text_fields for the options[] being created manually rather than through a form helper, but I wasn't able to find one suiting. The closest thing would have been the fields_for helper, but it takes an array of objects, rather than just an array of (in this case) strings.

Any help appreciated, thanks!