form_for and ActiveResource

Hey all, I have a "Profile" model that I get with ActiveResource. I have a basic form in my application to create Profiles like this:

<% form_for(:profile, :url => profiles_path) do |f| %> <p>   <b>First name</b><br />   <%= text_field :profile, :first_name %> </p> <p>   <b>Last name</b><br />   <%= text_field :profile, :last_name %> </p>

<p>   <%= submit_tag "Create" %> </p> <% end %>

And in my controller I have: def new   @profile = end

When I visit /profile/new, I get this error: undefined method `first_name' for #<Profile:0xb698fa24>

It works though if I change the "new" function this way: def new   @profile =>'',:last_name=>'') end

But it's not really pretty. Is there a better way to do so?

Thanx in advance