Form/field Generator

Is there a generator akin to the scaffold generator that generates the
views under some sort of control?

I've seen 'scaffold_form' and its just about acceptable for the **
FORMS** (edit/new), but I'm wondering if there is something more capable
that also includes the 'view' and 'list', allows id and css tagging.
I really want to avoid hand typing if I can make rails/ruby do the work :slight_smile:

Why? I'm experimenting with REST on a non-trivial DB schema and
non-trivial functionality and I really don't want to be bogged down in
all the rest of the of these details and having them disrupt my train of

You mean something that can lay it out in a table:

<tr class='object' id ='object[1];><td>Noname</td></tr> </table> <p>HAML helps:</p> <p>%table<br> %tr<br> %td Name<br> %tr[object]<br> %td= <a href=""></a></p> <p><a href=""><br> </a></p>

I mean "generate my views & forms".

I may end up editing them at some time in the distant future
but I particularly DO NOT want to be typing in their contnets.

I've just tried 'scaffold_form'
It builds the forms but not the 'list members' and 'show item' views

As I said, I'm trying something non trivial - lots of field and

Ryan Bigg said the following on 13/01/08 10:39 PM: