form causing error => "Only post requests are allowed"???

Why does the form give the error "Only post requests are allowed."
when submitted to my action? I know the form is supposed to be a post.
the rake routes looks ok. some reason there is a "_method"=>"put" in
the reques parameters, would this cause it? how do i change the form
code to prevent this?

## Request
## Parameters:
"address"=>{"address"=>"123 some street, boston, ma"}}

## rake routes
{:controller=>"addresses", :action=>"verify_edit"}

## form.html.erb
<% form_for([@club, @address], :url =>
verify_edit_club_address_path(@club, @address)) do |f| -%>
    <b>Address</b><br />
    <%= f.text_area :address %>
    <%= f.submit "Save" %>
<% end -%>

## html of generated form
<form action="/clubs/1/addresses/6/verify_edit" class="edit_address"
id="edit_address_6" method="post">
    <div style="margin:0;padding:0">
        <input name="_method" type="hidden" value="put">
    <input name="authenticity_token" type="hidden" value="291f0f517...">
      <textarea cols="40" id="address_address" name="address[address]"
        123 some street, boston, ma
      <input id="address_submit" name="commit" type="submit"

<% form_for([@club, @address], :url =>
verify_edit_club_address_path(@club, @address)) do |f| -%>

This way, Rails should be able to find out the right method by itself.
It depends on the state of @address.
If it's generated with
@address =
and not saved, it'll generate a put, otherwise if it's based on an
record in the db, (eg Address.find(...)) it'll be a post

But you can change the form method easy enough if necessary:

<% form_for([@club, @address], :url =>
verify_edit_club_address_path(@club, @address), :method => :post) do |
f> -%>