For Loop

Hi there,

I'm working on my first real rails application (meaning not one out of a book), and I'm not quite sure how to display the results of a grouped query. This is what I have in my controller:

@s = Story.find_recent_public_stories @stories = @s.group_by {|story| story.section}

In my for loop, I've tried various combinations of things like, but so far, I haven't had any luck. @stories.to_xml and @stories.to_yaml works fine, though. Everything else returns a NoMethodError.

My ultimate goal is to get a list of stories sorted by category.


Hi Pete,

In your case group_by returns a hash where the keys are sections and the values are arrays of stories, so you need to do something like this:

in your controller: @s = Story.find_recent_public_stories @story_lookup = @s.group_by{ |story| story.section }

in your view: <% @story_lookup.each do |section, stories| %>   <h2><%= %></h2>   <% for story in stories %>      ... do something with story ...   <% end %> <% end %>

Ryan Bates has a Railcast on group_by: <Ruby on Rails Screencasts - RailsCasts 29>