float/decimal with dot or comma


I'm facing a really strange behaviour with rails 1.1.6.

A model has a field declared as :float in schema.rb, as numeric in postgres 8.1.
On save/update, rails makes the decimal point become a comma on the prod server only, hence making a sql error.
This error was not there three weeks ago, i.e. when my prod server was in 1.1.4. Maybe something else changed, I cannot be sure it's linked to 1.1.4 -> 1.1.6 migration. (Yes I know, I should have more tests. Anyway I had to move to 1.1.6, isn't it ? :wink:

Here in dev, same version, same code (svn revision), it doesn't happen. Ideas ?

Dev box: mac os x.3.9, Prod box : debian sarge i686.

Jean-Christophe Michel

Anyone know what the status of the FrontBase adaptor is? I'm looking at ActiveRecord 1.14.2 and I see a lot of adaptors (including openbase, db2, and firebird) but not frontbase, which I thought was "baked-in" at this point.