Flickr API not working

Hi Guys,

I am a newbie and I am trying to get ROR Flickr example working....

I installed the flickr gem and after that I did the necessary work as
stated and here is the outcome -

My controller looks like -

require 'flickr'
class FlickrController < ApplicationController

  def search

    flickr_obj_in_use ='MY KEY HERE')

    render :partial => "photo", :collection => => params[:tags], :per_page =>

It gives a message "Invalid API Key (Key has expired)". What am I
doing wrong here?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Have you checked the status of your API key with flickr? Maybe you
need to renew your key.

I just got the key 2-3 days back. I will try to get another key

I got a new key and it still is giving the same issue. Also, when I
ping - flickr api usage statistics show the ping, however, it doesn't
allow it to get data from it.

There's a problem with the flickr gem, it sends the default (expired)
API key instead of the one you assign it. There's an updated version
of flickr.rb mentioned in the comments on this page

but that seems to have problems of it's own, so I fixed those and my
updated code is here : , which seems to
work for me so far, although this gem is quite out of date now and
doesn't feature some of the newer aspects of the flickr API.

Hope that helps,