Flex/AIR and Rails

I'm looking at creating an application using a desktop component built
with Flex/air that communicates with a site running Ruby on Rails.
Does anyone in the group have experience with this, and could you pass
on a few pointers?

Oh and maybe I should mention that I am doing this to learn Flex/
Action script.

I'm learning to do the same thing, and using "Flexible Rails: Flex 3
on Rails 2", by Peter Armstrong. (In case you need some docs to help
you through this.)

Ok, my little recommendation here is first learn the basics of Flex,
and then start interacting with anything on the server side.
The book Brian mentioned, is a great book, but it doesn't teach you
nor Flex nor Rails, it assumes you already have basic knowledges of
both technologies.
you can take a look at this[1] Adobe's site to a serie of screencasts
that covers the start up from essential to advanced topics, and also,
you'll get a link to the PDF version of Getting Started With Flex 3.
Once you have a basic notion about Flex (two - three days, aprox) then
go for the next part.
For ActionScript, I always used the Flex Builer documentation, it is
the same that is on Adobe's docs site and is ussually good enough.

Hope it helps.

[1] http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/videotraining/