flash notice

Has anyone noticed that flash notice dosent appear at all in firefox2
running with ubuntu? Is there a more cleaner and universal solution
rather than flash notice?

Can't say I have. But then again there is nothing in rails governing how flash[:notice] is displayed. Is there something particular about the way you are displaying it ?


Like Fred said, the flash itself doesn't have any presentation; it's
just a storage area in the session that gets cleared after each
request as a convenience.

Perhaps you're referring to the scaffold code that generates
presentation for the flash. First question is: can you reproduce the
problem on a plain vanilla install of Rails with no customization of
the scaffolding or stylesheets. If not, the problem is in your app
somewhere. If you can reproduce the problem, submit it to the Rails
dev team (with a patch if possible).

I am referring to my own code wich does not want to display the first presentation. Is there no other cleaner way to alert the user?

The flash is pretty clean, it's about as basic as you can get. All the
it does is keep the message around in between requests. What are you
having trouble getting it to do? What failings does it have that
you're trying to get around?

Show some code, and we can take a look at what's going on instead of guessing.

I resolved the problem. I had my style sheets set to display the flash notifications in white :slight_smile:

Flash is clean, but very basic. I would want more control over it like effects, color, positioning, etc.

The flash is simply a hash in the session that automatically removes
itself after the next request (or current request with flash.now). It's
up to you to decide how to display and style it.


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