flash[:notice] not working

Hi,     anybody please help me out,am using rails 3 but using this flash[:notice] doesnot works, i have used this in controllers. any idea ? please help.

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Have a look at the Rails Guide on debugging, it will show you techniques you can use to debug your code to find why it is not working.


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Hi, here is my code below, @user is saved successfully but not flash doesnot works. I have wrote this in userscontroller

    if @user.save       flash[:notice] = "Your account has been created."       redirect_to signup_url     else       flash[:notice] = "There was a problem creating you."       render :action => :new     end

redirect_to signup_url, flash: {   notice: "Your account has been saved" }

there shouldn’t be any issue with your code. how do you display the flash messages?