flash message not clear


I have a Rails 3 beta 4 where flash messages are not cleared when they
should be. Please note that on a freshly created Rails 3 beta 4
application I do not face the problem. I searched for something flash
specific in my application that could cause the problem, but I found

In the home page controller action I set flash.now.notice = "hello".
This flash message is correctly displayed on the home page.

But when I request another page, the flash message is still displayed
although I do not set a flash message in this other page controller

In my application controller, I log the content of the
session['flash'] object in a before filter and in an after filter.
Here is what I get:

1. request on the homepage setting the flash message:
- before filter: session['flash'] = nil
- after filter : session['flash'] = {:notice=>"hello"}

2. request on another page not setting the flash message:
- before filter: session['flash'] = {"notice"=>"hello"}
- after filter : session['flash'] = {"notice"=>"hello"}

I don't understand why the session['flash'] contains {"notice" =>
"hello"} at the beginning of the request of the second page.
The :notice key has correctly disappeared but a new key "notice" has
appeared. That's what provokes the unwanted display of the flash
message on the second request.

I've looked into the ActionDispatch::Flash class and tried to log what
happened in the sweep function
The problem is that the key "notice" is not deleted as @used set
contains :notice where the flash keys contains "notice".

I could not figure out how and where in the code the flash object is
reconstructed from the cookie session. Also, is it possible from the
browser to read the content of the Rails cookie session to directly
see how is the flash stored in the cookie?

Any help or indication to further dig in my problem would be greatly
appreciated :slight_smile:


Finally I could reproduce the bug in a freshly created Rails 3
application, requiring one by one the gems I used in my first
application. The bug occurs when both twitter and sg-ruby gems are
required from Gemfile. If only one of both is required, the bug
disappears. Reading through the code of both gems, I could not figure
out how the bug appears. So to avoid the bug I just switched from the
twitter gem to the grackle gem.