Firefox vs. Internet Explorer!! Free Download Firefox

Download the Mozilla Firefox Browser with Google ToolBar from here

Which one is Better, Firefox or the Interent Explorer?

Firefox indeed. Lets check out the facts

The benefit of this new browser project is that unlike IE, this open-source code runs independently of your operating system, so a flaw in the browser software won’t necessarily expose your entire computer.

Another source of Internet vulnerabilities lies within ActiveX technology, tiny scripts that automatically download when you visit certain Web
pages. In most cases, they’re good, adding music or animation to a page. But in some cases, criminal hackers have tweaked the code to damage your computer. Microsoft recently added a prompt to IE so that you can accept or deny ActiveX scripts. Firefox doesn’t use ActiveX technology, which means that a few Web sites might not appear as their designers intended (although we were hard-pressed to find a site that didn’t work because of this during our testing of Firefox).

While Mozilla offers a whole suite of secure, independent, open-source Internet tools, it recently streamlined its browser component and named it Firefox. Since last summer, we’ve been testing Firefox, and, frankly, we’re sold: Firefox is just as fast and just as easy as Internet Explorer–and more importantly, it’s much more secure.
Download the Firefox availbale on this page for free