Finding the visitors details of my website

Hi Folks,

Good Day to all!

I have one urgent task in my project.

          Have to displays the visitors count, who are all visiting my website.

Eg: If anyone visited my site in Canada, in my admin panel i should displays the details which i mentioned below.

It shoule be displayed like this…

Visitors count: 100

Location : USA or Canada or …

Date : xx-xx-xxxx.

Please advice!

devise gem is there

Yes Thanks!

But this works only when they sign_in.

My requirement is, if anyone open my website like, i should be notified.

Please advice.

I hope this may help you:

  1. Take one field “no_of_views” in the database

  2. Initialize with zero in the database

  3. When ever your website is opened (It has to call the method when user opens your website), get the last no_of_views value to that method and increment the no_of_views value with 1.

Even i was not Perfect but this is my idea.