finding out where to modify virtual host settings in rails, passenger, apache setup

Hey all,

I have a domain, let's say:

And I want it to listen on port 3000:

Now this is on a remote webserver (not my local apache setup).

I have access to the server (which is apache and it's running on
ubuntu os).

This server is a rails application in it and I want the rails
application to run when the gets response on the

Everything is setup, such as apache, passenger, rails, ruby, ruby
gems, etc. SOmeone set it all up. Now I am just trying to find the
virtual host file so I can set up that domain address to be listening
on port 3000. However, when I run the unix locate command, I get tons
of files like httpd.conf:


My instinct said that the configuration setup would be in /etc/apache2/
httpd.conf but I went there and that file was empty.

Can anyone advise me which of these files might possibly have the
virtual settings I need to modify in order to get to
listen on port 3000 so that when I type in in web
address bar, it will respond and load the rails app.

thanks for response

I read this article:

And it says that:

"Passenger doesn’t even require virtual hosts to configure themselves
as Rails applications. It will automatically detect a Rails

So maybe that's why I could not find a virtual host configuration for

If that's the case, then how do I make it listen to port 3000, because
right now it sure isn't listening to port 3000.

Do I need to somehow overwrite the defaults in apache2.conf?

thanks for response

Perhaps someone more familiar with Ubuntu/Debian packaging can
help more, but -- there has to be something starting httpd. I'd look in
/etc/init.d/ for a startup script, which almost certainly will reference
the config files.

Or use `ps` to see if the process shows how it was started.

Good luck,

I read that a little differently. To me it said that VirtualHosts
don't need to indicate that it's Rails app, but there still is a
DocumentRoot defined.

I think I'd start with this file.. but as Hassan said, you can
probably look in /etc/init.d to see if it's being started from there,
and use 'ps' otherwise.

I would
take a look in /etc/apache2/sites-available for your virtual
host configuration.� http.conf is not really used in the
configuration you have.