Find :include broken when upgrading to 2.2.2

Hi, I'm upgrading an old 1.2 application to latest 2.2 and I got an
error which is certainly due to :include

@factures = Facture.find(:all, :include => [[:forfait => :vehicule] =>
:client], :conditions => ["MONTH(factures.date_emission) = ? AND
YEAR(factures.date_emission) = ?", @mois, @annee], :order =>

This code produces an error

You have a nil object when you didn't expect it!
The error occurred while evaluating nil.macro

Does the :include option have changed its behaviour?

It did change slightly. I suspect that you originally got lucky: your
include clause is

[[:forfait => :vehicule] => :client]

which ruby parses as

which isn''t the type of structure that rails is expecting (but
obviously happened to work in the past). It looks like what you should
be saying is

{:forfait => {:vehicule => :client}}


Frederick Cheung wrote: