find and :conditions question


lets say i have model with :name string field, how to write a "find
:all, :condition => ???" to find records that :name fields includes
certain string...
IRB funcionality example, hope that makes it more clear

irb > str = "112369"
=> "112369"
irb > str.include? "112"
=> true
irb > str.include? "11"
=> true
irb > str.include? "99"
=> false

Presuming you wanted to filter on the condition in the database,

section 2.1 , 2.2 ...

Short answer

  match_string = "112"
  MyModel.where("name LIKE '%?%'", match_string)

But this is quite flawed for performance on the database ...
Read-up on "full text search" to understand those issues.

If you wanted to filter in Ruby, which would only make
sense for "small" amounts of records (< 100 ?), you
could do:

  match_string = "112"
  matcher ={|o| =~ matcher}

Read-up on Regular expressions and Enumerable
functionality for this.