Filters not working in activeadmin

Hey all,

Filters not working in activeadmin. I have multiple databases in my project and when use filter for a table which is there in other db (have multiple db in project) filters are not working. Model is not recognized by activeadmin. Can some one help me how to access a model which is there in other db.

Thanks in advance…

As far as I know, rails as well as active admin is designed with just one DB in mind. So this ain’t working ain’t surprises me. Why don’t you try building your own admin interface. Or if its okay write a pump where tables from other DB’s can be transferred to one DB and then you will feel like king using rails.

Thank you @Karthikeyan for your response but, while displaying the index page in activeadmin I have no issue, only using filter it is not identifying that table. Building admin again is time taking work. Rest of the things are ok with me only the filter which is giving the issue.

Can anyone help me in this. Filter not working for model but data is displayed on index page.