file upload --- acts_as_attachment or file_column

I've been pondering this issue for some time now. Keeping files on
the file system is OK, but what if you need to run multiple rail
servers? The file system then needs to be a network file system
accessible by all of the rails servers. This was the whole rational
for storing the sessions in the database.

I looked at ferret for full text search and had this same issue. The
indexes are stored in a directory under rails root called indexes.
Looking at all the simultaneous access issues around ferret already
putting those indices on a network share sounds even scarier.

Is it more painful to use a shared file system or just shove the stuff
in the DB? Is storing blobs in the DB really that bad or is that one
of those urban legends out there?

For the research paper idea, I would just shove that baby into the
database and put a fulltext index on it! (I know I'll be eating these
words later).

Mike Vargo