file_column / rmagick does not generate thumbnails


I am currently setting up my first production environment on a vserver
and I ran into a problem with the plugin file_column, respectively

The image upload via file_column works, the file is correctly stored
on the server. But the different versions of the image are not

file_column :image, :magick => {
     :versions => { "thumb" => "50x50", "medium" => "640x480>" }

RMagick seems to be properly installed and to me, it looks like the
problem is actually file_column because the subdirectories for the
versions (image/id/thumb ...) are not being created. I guess if it was
only a problem generating the thumbnails, at least the directories
would be created.

What I noticed is, that the uploaded files are owned by root and not
by the user the server is running. So this could maybe be a permission
problem? I am totally stuck. The script works great in my development
environment (cygwin, windows).

I am running a mongrel cluster and deploying with capistrano, RMagick
version is 1.15.7.

I'd really appreciate any help.


Well, well I finally got it.

Actually for some reason my ImageMagick installation was not working
correctly and I did not notice.
I didn't recheck it since I was sure it's working and I didn't find
anything in the logfiles indicating RMagick or ImageMagick problems.

Sorry and thanks for any efforts.