file_column / blank input field when editing

Mason Kessinger wrote:

I have an issue when editing an entry in my project that is using

The problem is that while in the edit mode the input field is completely
blank even though i have previously uploaded a file for that item. I
would expect this behavior for an entry where I had not uploaded a file,
but when there is already a file there no text is showing up. I would
imagine that the text in the input field would say something like
"filename.jpg" to let me or the user know that there is already a file
that has been uploaded here. This will help them to make the decision
easier whether they would like to overwrite this file or not.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

HTML file select controls are always initially blank in Rails,
and this is also enforced by most browsers. This is because
a malicious web page could get you to upload an arbitrary file
by hiding the select from the user.