fields_for with div_for

Hi there. I have a parent/child relationship/form and using the swanky
accepts_nested_attributes_for to submit the data for the child. Now this
is really great, but when I come to editing an existing child through
parent I wish to wrap the generated fields with a div.

<% form_for(@parent) do |parent_form| %>
<% parent_form.fields_for :children do |children_form| %>
<% div_for(??) do %>

For each iteration I would like to surround the generated hidden id
field, and those I add myself, in a div.


I can access the attributes of the object. It is of the class 'Child' as
it should be. However, div_for will not accept children_form.object as
an active record object and subsequently wrap each iterated child record
with the div:

This does not work:
<% div_for(children_form.object) do %>

Any help would be much appreciated> :slight_smile: