fields for grouping problem

So I am having a weird issue that I hope someone else has run into and knows how to fix. Basically, I have a partial which includes a fields_for call that renders a form for a specific type of object. This partial can be rendered multiple times on a page if the user wants to add multiple of these objects. However, when the submit button is clicked, the grouping of the objects parameters are inconsistent with how they are entered.

The result of trying to create two of these "event" objects follows:

Here is what the params hash contains on the request:

"events"=>[{"event_type_id"=>"3"}, {"event_type_id"=>"3", "is_active"=>"true"}, {"is_active"=>"true", "user_id"=>"1"}, {"eta"=>"September 22, 2008 1:11 PM", "user_id"=>"1"}, {"description"=>"Milestone 1 criteria", "eta"=>"September 23, 2008 1:11 PM"}, {"description"=>"Milestone 2 criteria", "risk_level_id"=>"1"}, {"risk_description"=>"Milestone 1 risk detail", "risk_level_id"=>"2"}, {"risk_description"=>"Milestone 2 risk detail"}]}, "commit"=>"Submit Changes", "authenticity_token"=>"af7a84442defabeeda94dac616930e9a3ee514d7", "id"=>"119"}

This is where the Partial is called in the view:

<div id="add_milestone"> </div>     <%= add_milestone_link("Add a Milestone")%>

This is the helper method:

  def add_milestone_link(name)     link_to_function name do |page|       page.insert_html :bottom,                        :add_milestone,                        :partial=>'/customer_accounts/edit_page/ add_milestone_event',                        :locals=>{:customer_account_id =>, :event=>}     end   end

This is the partial:

<div id="add_milestone">

    <% fields_for "customer_account[events]", event do |events_form| %>

   <table class="account">     <tr>         <td >Milestone </td>         <%= events_form.hidden_field(:event_type_id, :value =>

EventType.find_event_type_id_by_description("Milestone")) %>         <%= events_form.hidden_field(:is_active, :value => true) %>        <%= events_form.hidden_field(:user_id, :value => %>        <td ><%=events_form.calendar_date_select(:eta) </td>        <td ><%= events_form.text_area(:description, :rows => 2, :class => "full-width") %></td>         <td > <%= events_form.collection_select(:risk_level_id, RiskLevel.find(:all), :id, :value, {:prompt => "- Select One -"}, :class=>"full-width") %> </td>         <td><%= events_form.text_area(:risk_description, :rows => 2, :class => "full-width") %></td>      </tr>


<% end %>


Any help would be greatly appreciated as we have a similar problem elsewhere in the code and the reason for this error should provide us with the insight to fix that one as well

Nothing obviously wrong in your code (AFAIK, which isn't very far ;-). What does the HTML that gets generated look like? Are the name attributes of your form_for generated input items things like: customer_account[events][is_active]?

What does the HTML that gets generated look like?

This is what is generated (according to firebug):

<div id="add_milestone"> <input id="customer_account_events__event_type_id" type="hidden" value="3" name="customer_account[events][event_type_id]"/> <input id="customer_account_events__is_active" type="hidden" value="true" name="customer_account[events][is_active]"/> <input id="customer_account_events__user_id" type="hidden" value="1" name="customer_account[events][user_id]"/> <table class="account" border="1" width="80%"> <tbody> <tr> <td width="5%">Milestone </td> <td width="15%"> <input id="customer_account_events__eta" type="text" style="width: 98%;" size="30" name="customer_account[events][eta]"/> <img style="border: 0px none ; cursor: pointer;" src="/images/ calendar_date_select/calendar.gif?1213626238" onclick="new CalendarDateSelect( $(this).previous(), {time:true, year_range:10} );" alt="Calendar"/> </td> <td width="36%"> <textarea id="customer_account_events__description" class="full-width" rows="2" name="customer_account[events][description]" cols="40"/> </td> <td width="8%"> <select id="customer_account_events__risk_level_id" class="full-width" name="customer_account[events][risk_level_id]"> </select> </td> <td width="36%"> <textarea id="customer_account_events__risk_description" class="full- width" rows="2" name="customer_account[events][risk_description]" cols="40"/> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <a onclick="Element.extend(this).up($('.add_milestone')).remove(); return false;" href="#">(remove new milestone)</a> </div>

I'm thinking there might be a problem with where the hidden fields are located, but i am not sure.

Are the name attributes of your form_for generated input items things like: customer_account[events][is_active]? Yes, they all seem to be in order.

Those self-closing textarea tags look strange to me. Is that valid HTML? When I tuck that blob of html in a <html><body></body></html> I don't get something FF or IE will render correctly.

Not that I could tell you why the text_area form helper would produce that code, mind you... :frowning: