Fedena installation: Error

I am getting error:

rake db:migrate

(in /home/hsrai/public_html/ERP/ERP_Campus/projectfedena_v2.0)

rake aborted!

can’t activate , already activated prawn-0.11.1

Where is problem?

Fedena is Ruby on Rails (RoR) application.

My installation log is below signature.

mkdir ERP

cd ERP


tar -zxvf ERP_Campus.tar.gz

cd ERP_Campus/projectfedena_v2.0/

sudo apt-get install rake ruby1.8-dev

rake gems:install

sudo gem install rails -v=2.3.5 --remote

sudo rake gems:install

sudo gems install prawn

joe config/database.yml

sudo gem install mysql --remote

rake db:create

rake db:migrate

ruby script/server

This is a list for discussing Rails core development. Please refer to Fedena (http://projectfedena.org/forum) or RailsTalk (http://groups.google.com/group/rubyonrails-talk) for support.

This would be a question for that project’s list, not rails core :slight_smile:

Ben Langfeld

I believe this is an error cause by two gems having different dependencies on prawn. So the first one to load depends on prawn 0.11.1 and then the second one tries to load an older version but can’t because the newer version has already loaded. This is the type of problem Bundler was designed to solve.

However, since it looks like you’re just trying to get this to run, you could just uninstall the newest version of prawn and there’s a good chance things will work out. If not, you’ll have to go version hunting for compatible gems or retrofit the project to use Bundler.

Allen Madsen