[Feature Request] Make it easier to understand "Ensure you aren't referring to labels that don't exist on associations."

Loading the fixtures. Got

Foreign key violations found in your fixture data. Ensure you aren't referring to labels that don't exist on associations.

The message is not helpful. It’s late at night and I’ve missed label/reference somewhere. Stupid mistake but looking at it for a few minutes already and can not figure out what I messed up. It will be great if the message is a little more descriptive. I will be willing to put some time on trying to show at least which is the label or the reference.

Do you think this will be possible? Is this something that has a chance of being accepted?


Maybe this is what you are looking for?

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Yes thanks. This could work.

Do you think there is a chance of it being merged.

I have no idea :grin: You could maybe bring this PR to the attention of maintainers by sharing it in the Discord forum.