[Feature Request] hooks for ActionCable client errors

Hi everyone,

Recently I was trying to show an alert if the ActionCable connection became closed. I poked around the code and learned that there wasn’t a great way to hook into the events.

I ended up polling the connection status with:

setInterval( () => { if (App.cable.connection.getStatus() === "closed") { callSideEffectCode() } }, 5000)

But I’d rather have been able to just write something like:

App.cable.customHandler["closed"] = callSideEffectCode

Would people be interested in a feature that adds support for custom callbacks for the 4 types of WebSocket events that ActionCable.Connection handles? I think it’d be a very small PR.



I have the same problem.
Currently the client interface is too simple.

I’d love to have an API similar to https://github.com/apollographql/subscriptions-transport-ws