[Feature request] Automatically create GitHub release notes during release process

Hi team,

Would anyone be averse to adding GitHub release notes to Rails releases? I was thinking I could

put a PR in to https://github.com/rails/rails/blob/master/tasks/release.rb to create release notes each

time a release is done (currently releases have no details).

Doing this automatically would require using a GitHub API token in the release script, so anyone

releasing would need to create a personal token and add it to their environment variables. Hopefully

that’s not too much hassle? Appreciate you guys are super busy!

The benefit would be that automated tools (I run Dependabot, for example) would be able to pick up

the release notes programatically. At the moment there’s not much info they can reliably find without

special-casing Rails.

Thoughts / objections? I’m happy to do the work if everyone’s happy to add using a personal access

token to the release process.


Always happy to see a PR :+1:

Bear in mind our foremost responsibility is to Rails users and not automated dependency bots. So your PR’s

success would depend on how much of a benefit you can demonstrate Rails users (or the Rails team) will have

from GitHub release notes.

For starters, when you open your PR, I’d like to see generated release notes for major, minor and tiny git tag bumps on your own Rails fork.