[Feature proposal] Allow ActionText::Content attachments to use configurable service

Currently, ActionText attachments use the default storage service.

If we want one ActionText has_rich_text on a model to use a public service, the whole app needs to be public first, rather than private first, which would be my preference.

Allowing a per case configuration as is possible with native-to-model attachables would allow the developer to choose their preference, and importantly allow that data-privacy-first approach.

I guess it should fall back to the default configured service if none is specified.

I would propose to use the same service parameter as is used on has_x_attached and pass it through to has_many_attached :embeds at rails/rich_text.rb at 914caca2d31bd753f47f9168f2a375921d9e91cc · rails/rails · GitHub

Not sure of the best way to go about passing that through though, so it’s configurable per rich text, rather than globally.

It’s that something that would be useful to others?

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This would definitely be useful. Like for Active Storage attachments where one can declare:

has_one_attached :cover_image, service: :public

for Action Text rich texts we could have:

has_rich_text :content, service: :public