Failure unit test

Hello all,

i have a problem with unit test always

here my code for create a table
1 def test_should_create_a_member
2 sp = => "Arnold", :surname => "Stallone", :street
=> "My Street", :location => "Washington")
3 assert # here is failure

4 end

if i make the test, its ok, without failures
then i write next test:
1 def test_name_should_be_unique
2 sp = => "Silvester", :surname => "Mc Name", :street
=> "Our Street", :location => "Customs")
3 assert
4 sp = => "Silvester", :surname => "Field",
:street => "This Street", :location => "Living")
5 assert !
6 end

if i make tesst there ist 1 failure on line 3 in

can someone see any false, why this is so now?

please help

Hello Guy wrote:

edit: when i type for line 3 "assert !" there is no failure, but
the test is not right, or?

All test cases follow some variation this pattern:

   assemble - put together the objects you need
   activate - the "money line" - the one that calls production code to test
   assert - check the money line did the right thing.

Your test has two money lines, but that's not the actual problem.

The problem is assert() sucks, and does not tell you what's wrong.

To test "did my object save correctly?", always use this:! # with the bang !

never this:


The reason is the first one will tell you what is going wrong. Maybe your new() arguments do not satisfy one of your validations.