failsafe error in rails 2.1 RC1 - ip spoofing

Hi All,

I am getting the following errors in my app using RC 1 of Rails 2.1. These errors only appear to be happening for search engine bots/crawlers, but since my site needs to be indexed, I would like to get rid of them. Does anyone know if there is a fix, or perhaps a config option not to check for ip spoofing?

/!\ FAILSAFE /!\ Sat May 31 11:12:54 -0400 2008

Status: 500 Internal Server Error

IP spoofing attack?!





did you try this patch?

Thanks for the link to the patch, but why would one have to patch rails in order to avoid these failsafe errors. They are being caused exclusively buy yahoo’s crawlers/bots, but isn’t everyone else’s site being crawled by them as well? Is everyone else’s site getting these errors as well?



i'm seeing this a lot with the release version of rails 2.1

Please, can you specify how to aply the patch, I do:

MacBook:rails$ patch -p0 < forwarded_client_ip_with_test.patch
can't find file to patch at input line 15
Perhaps you used the wrong -p or --strip option?
The text leading up to this was:

Is anyone else seeing these errors? I've just hit upon it while
setting up a cluster. Rails 2.1.