fail rollback transaction with manual raise exception

With :
  PostgreSQL 8.4 or postgresql-8.3
  rails 2.3.4
  pg 9.x or pg 8.x

I test this code:

save! just throws an error if there is an issue. Do you have
validations that are supposed to cause an exception in that case?

Actually you need to put that in an exception block. You are saving
the data before the raise.

According to the ActiveRecord documentation, any exception thrown
inside a transaction block must rollback all updates have been made
within the transaction. =>
"Normally, raising an exception will cause the transaction method to
rollback the database transaction and pass on the exception"

Did you try 'raise ActiveRecord::Rollback' ?

without the .new

Yes I tried 'raise ActiveRecord::Rollback' without '.new', but i have
the same problem.

what does the corresponding log file look like ?


I'm sorry. The problem was the following code that another developer
had added:

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  prepend_around_filter :action_transaction

  def action_transaction
    ActiveRecord::Base.transaction do


thanks anyway