Fader Issues

What I want is to be able to fade an Image from a News Story with the summary text. Both from the same record, from the same database table. I've placed the fader into a seperate partial that's being rendered on an index page. I've included the proper javascript files in the proper location and included them in my layout.

<div class="home_news_highlight">   <div class="home_news_highlight_pic"><span></span>     <% id = 0 %>     <% for article in @all_articles %>       <%= scale_image_tag article.picture1, :width => 137, :height => 153, :alt => article.picture1.image_alt, :id => "article_image_" + id.to_s, :style => (article == @all_articles.first ? "": "display:none;") %>       <% id += 1 %>     <% end %>   </div>   <% id = 0 %>

  <% for article in @all_articles %>     <p class="slideshow_text" id="article_summary_<%= id.to_s %>" style="<%= (article == @all_articles.first ? "": "display:none;") %>"></p>     <h1><%= link_to (article.name), :controller => "article", :action => "show", :id => article %></h1>     <%= article.date.strftime("%a %d %B") %>     <p><%= article.summary[0,75] %>...</p>     <% id += 1 %>   <% end %> </div>

The above is immediately run after the javascript declaration. Basically, I'm getting the images to fade. Unfortunately, there are two News Story records that are highlighted and the above code is displaying the two, which is completely understandable after being passed through a loop. But I want to know how I can retrieve all the News Stories that are highlighted without displaying them and then making the page fade the text too.

If you need any more information to respond, please don't hesitate to ask.

- thanks in advance.

Came back to this. Problem solved.