Facebook like page Count

Hello everyone

                    i am not using any gem/plugin for Facebook. i am giving Facebook like button on my page. and i need to know that users clicked on like or not . i don't know how to get a parameter of fb_click_count . can any one help me on this please suggest

Thanks in advance : )

hey Ashu, you can visit the following website. I don’t know how useful the site for you, but take a look.


Thanks Abhis

Thanks for help but i ca’t under stand this one

Please don't top post, it makes it difficult to follow the thread. It is better to insert your comments in the previous post. Thanks

Thanks for help but i ca't under stand this one

Is what is described in the link what you are trying to achieve? If yes, then what don't you understand? Also consider whether what you don't understand is anything to do with Rails. If not then a different forum/list might be better as this is a Rails list.

If what is described is not what you want to achieve then you must explain your problem in more detail.